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Top medical malpractice attorneys in NYC If you believe that medical malpractice is to blame for injuries to you or someone close to you, the Cochran firm can explain your options and whether it is in your best interest to pursue a claim.

Doctors and other medical professionals have a responsibility to provide a standard level of care to patients and to ensure that patients are never exposed to unreasonable or unnecessary health risks. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

After establishing a clear link between the negligence and the resulting injuries, the experienced malpractice attorneys at the Cochran firm will determine how medical standards were violated and pursue a claim of malpractice on your behalf. Searching for “medical malpractice attorney near me”? The Cochran firm’s NYC office serves clients  in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Among the Medical Malpractice categories that Cochran firm attorneys specialize in are:

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Medical Malpractice Verdicts:

$4.07 Million

Won by the family of a 53 year old patient whose doctor failed to diagnose and treat a perforated bowel.

$2.9 Million

Won by the family of a 42 year old man whose medical team failed to treat pneumonia, resulting in respiratory arrest.

$2.4 Million

For failure to diagnose and treat a benign brain tumor in a 29 year old man.

$2.1 Million

For failure to diagnose and treat prostate cancer.

$5.35 Million

For a 13 year old child who suffered paralysis after the spinal cord was severed during scoliosis repair surgery.

$2.8 Million

For a perforated colon following a cesarean section, which resulted in an abdominal abscess and severe peritonitis.

$1.55 Million

For a pancreatic injury, resulting from the failure to properly monitor triglyceride levels during invitro fertilization therapy.

$1.3 Million

For failure to diagnose vascular insufficiency, which resulted in the amputation of the patient’s right leg below the knee.

$1.0 Million

For failure to remove a catheter tip, resulting in a fracture at the base of the scull.

$4.1 Million

For failure to monitor an infant’s oxygen levels, resulting in Cerebral Palsey, Spastic Quadriparesis and Mental Retardation.

$3.7 Million

In an infant, due to failure to perform a timely cesarean section in response to fetal distress.

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