Police Misconduct and Civil Rights Violations

Police Misconduct And Civil Rights Violations Attorneys in NYC

Police officer arresting a man or police misconduct?If you or someone close to you is subjected to unfair treatment, unlawful arrest or abuse from the police, the Cochran firm knows how to get justice for you. The firm is staffed by attorneys dedicated to protecting your rights against police misconduct.

Police are supposed to protect the safety of all citizens, not to engage in the interrogation and abuse of those they target as “suspicious”. If you have suffered damages or injury following an interaction with law enforcement that you believe was unlawful, immoral or unethical, the Cochran firm would be honored to meet with you, free-of-charge, to discuss your case and help you determine the most effective way to seek justice.

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Police Misconduct Verdicts:

$8.75 Million

In a well-publicized case, Abner Louima was assaulted, brutalized and forcibly sodomized by NYC police officers after being arrested outside a Brooklyn nightclub. The verdict was the largest police brutality settlement in NYC history.

$2.25 Million

Security Guard Patrick Dorismond was killed by undercover NYC police officers. The suit filed by the family was settled in their favor.

$2.5 Million

Tarika Wilson was killed and her 14-month old infant child was wounded by police. The settlement in the wrongful death suit in the family’s favor was agreed upon.

$2.25 Million

Jerome Murdough, a Rikers Island prisoner, was improperly supervised and allowed to bake to death in his jail cell. The family’s wrongful death claim resulted in the award.

$2.3 Million

A police officer falsely arrested James McLaughlin, after using excessive force and violating his rights. A jury agreed.

$1.5 Million

An NYC police offer, driving drunk, killed three members of the Pena family who were crossing the street in Sunset Park Brooklyn. A civil lawsuit brought by the surviving family members resulted in a settlement in their favor.


This award was given to a Vikki Cash, who was raped by a deputy sheriff while she was being detained in Erie County, NY.


International Commission of Inquiry – Hearing on the Case of Patrick Dorismond

International Commission of Inquiry – Hearing on the case of Alberta Spruill


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