How Do I Report Police Misconduct?

Law enforcement officers perform very difficult jobs on a day-to-day basis. However, there are incidents in which you may feel the police have overstepped their boundaries. If you feel as thought the police have violated your rights, or you’ve witnessed police misconduct against someone, do not fret. Follow these few steps to combat police misconduct.

police misconduct

Step 1: Document Everything

After the accident, write down or record every detail you can about the incident. Make sure to describe everything that has happened from the beginning to the end of the incident. Be sure to document exact words used in the incident. Be specific about the location, time of day, and any other details you think you may need. Also include the witness’s name and contact information as well as the officers’ names, physical descriptions, car number and badge numbers. If possible, return to the scene of the incident to talk to possible witnesses.

Step 2: Consult With Your Attorney

Victims of police misconduct are often forcefully prosecuted in order to gain leverage in case the victim files a lawsuit. Proving police misconduct is extremely difficult; therefore you will need an experienced and knowledgeable police misconduct attorney. Talk with your attorney to see if your case is strong enough to pursue.

Step 3: File a Police Misconduct Report

All criminal charges and civil actions must be resolved before this step can begin. Prematurely filing a police misconduct report will hurt your chances in court by exposing too much information to the police.

The information you gathered in Step 1 will form the body of your complaint. There may be an official form that you’re required to use. You can locate this form by calling or visiting your local police office. Before filing your complaint, be sure to make copies and keep them in a secure location. Send your complaint by Certified Mail so the police cannot deny having received it.

Your complaint creates an official record of an incident and may be later used along with other complaints to illustrate a pattern of misconduct.

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