Verdicts & Results

Major verdicts by The Cochran Firm New York


$198 Million

This was a record-breaking verdict for passengers who were injured when their rental car collided with a disabled tractor trailer.

$104 Million

NYC was held liable when two brothers suffered severe spinal cord injuries while diving into shallow shallow water from a pier.

$76 Million

NYC was held liable for false arrest and use of excessive force.

$33 Million

MYC held liable when a child falls from a park sculpture and suffers a serious spinal cord injury.

$32 Million

Medical malpractice award for a brain-damaged infant


$8.75 Million

In a well-publicized case, Abner Louima was assaulted, brutalized and forcibly sodomized by NYC police officers after being arrested outside a Brooklyn nightclub. The verdict was the largest police brutality settlement in NYC history.

$2.25 Million

Security Guard Patrick Dorismond was killed by undercover NYC police officers. The suit filed by the family was settled in their favor.

$2.5 Million

Tarika Wilson was killed and her 14-month old infant child was wounded by police. The settlement in the wrongful death suit in the family’s favor was agreed upon.

$2.25 Million

Jerome Murdough, a Rikers Island prisoner, was improperly supervised and allowed to bake to death in his jail cell. The family’s wrongful death claim resulted in the award.

$2.3 Million

A police officer falsely arrested James McLaughlin, after using excessive force and violating his rights. A jury agreed.

$1.5 Million

An NYC police offer, driving drunk, killed three members of the Pena family who were crossing the street in Sunset Park Brooklyn. A civil lawsuit brought by the surviving family members resulted in a settlement in their favor.


This award was given to a Vikki Cash, who was raped by a deputy sheriff while she was being detained in Erie County, NY.


$8.9 Million

A confidential settlement on behalf of an African-American man who was discriminated against by an investment bank.

$4.2 Million

A confidential settlement for a group of African-American food service workers who endured racially offensive slurs and other discrimination in their workplace.

$3.8 Million

A confidential settlement for two African-American young men who were discriminated against by a major department stores for “shopping while black”.

$3.5 Million

Confidential settlement for three African-Americans who were subjected to discrimination and retaliation due to their race and national origin by an investment bank.


$100 Million

In Brown vs. NYC, two brothers dove off an improperly marked pier, resulting in broken necks and being left quadriplegic.

$80 Million

In Diaz vs. NYC, another person dove off the same pier broke his neck and was left a quadriplegic.

$25 Million

In Esposito vs. NYC, the victim lost both legs as a result of a Staten Island Ferry crash.

$33 Million

In Starzewski vs. NYC, the accident victim has a serious accident as a result of faulty highway design.



$21 Million

Victim injured when a pipe dropped on him at a construction site.

$6.0 Million

A worker suffered a fall while caulking windows at a N.Y.C. museum.

$5.0 Million

A worker is killed wile testing the Air Train (Train To The Plane) in Queens, N.Y.

$4.0 Million

A 35 year old worker dies in a fall while working on the construction of a new building.


$16 Million

23 year old man falls from a rock-climbing wall after the safety belt breaks.

$14 Million

A 28 year old worker is injured when his platform collapses while he was laying cable.

$11 Million

A 65 year old woman is injured when she falls through a gap between LIRR train and the platform.


$8 Million

A 35 year old worker is injured when a steel plate falls on his head while he is renovating an elevator.

$6 Million

A 15 year old student falls down an elevator shaft that has defective doors.

$5.75 Milion

A car passenger is injured when a NYC Ambulance runs a red light.

$4.1 Million

For failure to monitor an infant’s oxygen levels, resulting in Cerebral Palsey, Spastic Quadriparesis and Mental Retardation.

$3.7 Million

In an infant, due to failure to perform a timely cesarean section in response to fetal distress.

$3.2 Million

A boy suffers brain injury after being poisoned ingesting lead paint.

$3.0 Million

A 28 year old woman suffers Carbon Monoxide Poisoning when her boiler malfunctions.

$1.2 Million

A 74 year old woman suffers Carbon Monoxide Poisoning when her boiler also malfunctions.


$1.0 Million

A 70 year old woman suffers multiple fractures when she is struck by a delivery van.



$4.07 Million

Won by the family of a 53 year old patient whose doctor failed to diagnose and treat a perforated bowel.

$3.5 Million

A 65 year old woman is killed when she is struck by an MTA bus.

$2.9 Million

Won by the family of a 42 year old man whose medical team failed to treat pneumonia, resulting in respiratory arrest.

$2.4 Million

For failure to diagnose and treat a benign brain tumor in a 29 year old man.

$2.1 Million

For failure to diagnose and treat prostate cancer.


$5.35 Million

For a 13 year old child who suffered paralysis after the spinal cord was severed during scoliosis repair surgery.

$2.8 Million

For a perforated colon following a cesarean section, which resulted in an abdominal abscess and severe peritonitis.

$1.55 Million

For a pancreatic injury, resulting from the failure to properly monitor triglyceride levels during invitro fertilization therapy.

$1.3 Million

For failure to diagnose vascular insufficiency, which resulted in the amputation of the patient’s right leg below the knee.

$1.0 Million

For failure to remove a catheter tip, resulting in a fracture at the base of the scull.

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