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The New York City office of The Cochran Firm has partnered with some of the most talented attorneys in civil litigation and criminal defense and given them access to the nationwide resources of The Cochran Firm. Our attorneys will pursue your case against powerful opponents, including government entities, corporations, and individuals. The Cochran Firm has a long record of success: we have won cases for our clients that have also contributed to positive social change. If you have been hurt, if you have been abused, if you feel disempowered, The Cochran Firm can help.

The Cochran Firm pursues the mission of Johnnie Cochran. Our attorneys work not merely to resolve cases. Instead, we act as custodians of the law to restore justice to the wronged and return a voice to the silenced.

The Cochran Firm’s attorneys will listen to your case in detail. And when we take your case, you remain in charge. Our talent, our resources, and our experience are at your disposal. The decisions are yours, and can be made with the benefit of our expert counsel. Some other law firms may take a settlement for their profit, but we will never take a settlement unless it’s what you want. We will stand with you against those who hurt you and seek every avenue to justice.

While The Cochran firm is known for our legal prowess our commitment to social justice is an area of great pride. Last year the firm gave away over 1000 tickets to High school students from Philly and NY free tickets to see the Selma Project movie and we awarded scholarships to 6 students for writing the best essays on Civil Rights for Black History month. In addition, we supported the Ron Brown Scholarship program which awarded $40,000 college scholarships to 28 outstanding and economically disadvantaged African American Students across the Country. Tracey Brown and Derek Sells were part of the selection committee and Cochran NY was a gold level sponsor.


Johnnie L. Cochran, JrLegendary attorney Johnnie Cochran (1937–2005) took his inspiration from the distinguished Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, dedicating his life to practicing law and becoming the most prominent go-to lawyer in police brutality and civil rights cases.

Born in Shreveport Louisiana and raised in Los Angeles, he received his law school degree from Loyola Marymount University in 1962, and went on to a distinguished 43 year legal career.

Known for his leadership role in the defense and acquittal of O.J. Simpson, Johnnie represented police brutality victim Abner Louima and police shooting victim Patrick Dorismond. He also represented well-known entertainment and sports clients such as Sean Combs, Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Todd Bridges, Jim Brown, Riddick Bowe and Marion Jones. Other notable non-celebrity clients included riot-beating victim Reginald Denny and Black Panther Geronimo Pratt.

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