Questions to ask when selecting a Medical Malpractice lawyer

gavelMedical malpractice cases are often complicated and hard to prove. Most doctors and nurses do their best to provide their patients with quality care, mistakes can still happen. In some cases, those mistakes can have life-altering consequences for their patient. Finding the right attorney is essential to the success of your case. Here are five questions to ask when selecting a medical malpractice lawyer.

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A Bicycle Accident Claim for Personal Injury Cases

Bike accident lawyer in NYC

Getting into a bicycle accident can be horrendous. Not knowing what just happened. How did it happen? If you are injured and if you are – what do you do next? Can I file a bicycle accident claim? The following steps will help you in your personal journey and recovery. What to do after the … Read more

Cost of Taking Your Personal Injury Case to Court

Calculating the Cost of your Case

Cost is a huge factor for anyone deciding whether or not to pursue a personal injury claim. In fact, cost alone is why many people decide not to pursue a claim. In the state of New York, the cost of a simple case is usually a minimum of $15,000 accounting for lawyers, court time, and … Read more

Bus Accidents

bus accidents in NYC

Thousands of accidents occur each year involving buses. Given the large size of the vehicle, these accidents generally produce more severe injuries as well. Anything from whiplash and soft tissue injuries, to head injuries and broken bones are prevalent. Though seemingly similar to traditional automobile accidents, bus accidents claims are handled very differently because most … Read more

Types of Defective Product Liability Claims

Find a product defect lawyer near me.

Defective or dangerous product related injuries account for thousands of injuries in the U.S. every year. The liability for defective or dangerous product related injuries could lie with any party within the product distribution chain, including the designer, manufacturer, installer, wholesaler, or retailer of the product. However, the sale of the product must be made … Read more

Social Media Posts & Personal Injury Cases

Social media liability lawyer near me

With 70% of Americans on social media and millions of posts being posted per day, the average person may not think that what they post matters. However, that is not the case when it comes to a personal injury claim. Any personal injury attorney will advise you to use caution when posting to social media, … Read more

Retaliation Claims in the Workplace

workplace retaliation

It is vital that employers ensure that their employees are not retaliated against for raising issues against discrimination or harassment. If the employer does not treat an employee with care after filing a discrimination or harassment complaint; they may find themselves in a nasty lawsuit. If you are an employer, manager, supervisor, or HR representative, … Read more

What is Reasonable Suspicion?

If you know anything about civil rights cases, you have heard the terms “reasonable suspicion” and “probable cause” tossed around. But what is the difference between the two? Whether you are on the defending side or the plaintiff side of a civil rights case, it is important to know what each is and how they … Read more

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