Bus Accidents

bus accidents in NYC

Thousands of accidents occur each year involving buses. Given the large size of the vehicle, these accidents generally produce more severe injuries as well. Anything from whiplash and soft tissue injuries, to head injuries and broken bones are prevalent. Though seemingly similar to traditional automobile accidents, bus accidents claims are handled very differently because most … Read more

Types of Defective Product Liability Claims

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Defective or dangerous product related injuries account for thousands of injuries in the U.S. every year. The liability for defective or dangerous product related injuries could lie with any party within the product distribution chain, including the designer, manufacturer, installer, wholesaler, or retailer of the product. However, the sale of the product must be made … Read more

Retaliation Claims in the Workplace

workplace retaliation

It is vital that employers ensure that their employees are not retaliated against for raising issues against discrimination or harassment. If the employer does not treat an employee with care after filing a discrimination or harassment complaint; they may find themselves in a nasty lawsuit. If you are an employer, manager, supervisor, or HR representative, … Read more

What is Reasonable Suspicion?

If you know anything about civil rights cases, you have heard the terms “reasonable suspicion” and “probable cause” tossed around. But what is the difference between the two? Whether you are on the defending side or the plaintiff side of a civil rights case, it is important to know what each is and how they … Read more

What is the EEOC Charge Process?

Equal employment

When an employee files a complaint against an organization or there is reasonable belief that an organization has engaged in discrimination, the charge process begins. The charge itself doesn’t not constitute a finding that the organization has engaged in discrimination, but it gives the EEOC authority to start an investigation. 1. The EEOC Sends a … Read more

Can I Take Survival Action?

When an accident results in the wrongful death of someone, there are two types of claims that can be made on their behalf. The decedent of a wrongful death victim can bring a wrongful death lawsuit and maybe also what is called a survival action. Both types of claims are strictly governed by state laws. … Read more

Why Do I Need an IME?

In the event that you find yourself in an injury claim, your insurance policy may require you to submit an independent medical examination (IME). This is most likely because there’s a dispute with your insurance company and the evaluation given by your treating doctor. Therefore, the insurance company will request that an IME be conducted … Read more

Common Personal Injury Defense Strategies

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There are several common defense strategies in personal injury lawsuits. It is helpful to know these strategies going into your lawsuit so that you know what to expect and can receive the best possible outcome. Comparative Negligence If your state follows the comparative negligence rule, damages are calculated based on the degree of fault for … Read more